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My name is Dianna Airey and I am the creator and designer of Dianna's Creations. I have been creating and designing my product-line for 20 years. I can create any line of goods to custom orders including any special needs that are required.I have lived in the Kenton area for 38 years and I am involved in various community activites. I stand behind my products with exellent workmanship and great product material. This website is dedicated to sharing interests, hobbies and fun activities. Check back often to learn about new contributions to my site, activities and fun ways to get involved with this exciting topic! If you have any questions or comments, make sure to get in touch through the Contact Us section of the site.

You can contact me directly by e-mail at

phone directly to 1 204-838-2155


Monday---Saturday: 9:00am -9:00pm.

Sunday: closed.

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