Dianna's Creations - custom-made leather goods and apparel
leather viva wallet. 6 card slots, zipper pocket and 2 behind pockets. $45.00
teal leather gratitude wallet. $50.00inside veiw of the gratitude wallet, $50.00red leather gratitude wallet $50.00
Inside features of the viva wallet. $45.00
inside of the teal gratitude wallet, $50.00black leather gratitude wallet, $50.00
inside of the yellow and brown wallet added a strap to one pocket..$65.00black & white clutch wallet $65.00little clutch wallet 5viva style wallet in tapestry material. $45.00
double zipper clutch wallet leather, $65.00clutch wallet style 12 card slots,pockets  $65.00
Zippered clutch wallet leather,$75.00zippered clutch wallet. leather $75.00
brown and yellow clutch wallet. $65.00
cluth style wallet in tapestry material  $65.00
cluch wallet style , 12 card slots, zipper pocket, 3 sections. $65.00
pink glitter vinyl, cluch wallet style.  $65.00
inside of the clutch wallet $65.00
brown leather clutch wallet. $75.00clutch wallet , leather $75.00mini clutch wallet, $50.00zippered clutch wallet, leather, $75.00small credit card/coin purse wallet. $30.00inside view of the creditcard/coin purse wellet,$30.00inside view of the credit card/coin purse wallet, $30.00small credit card and coin purse wallet, $30.00brown leather zippered clutch wallet.$75.00inside of the  black clutch wallet $65.00
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