Dianna's Creations - custom-made leather goods and apparel
pink leather with white fur, and bright blue and pink beading $225.00 and up.
brown with brown fur and turquoise and silver beading, snowflake design. short style $200.00
grey leather and fur with red beading and silver studding. price starts at $225.00 and up.
Blue stitching design on black mukluks with grey fur. $225.00 and up.black with white fur. pink beading with crystal studding. adult sizes. $250.00
black leather with fur, silver stud and blue beading design. adult  $225.00
Brown leather with red/brown fur and orange & yellow beading. $225.00dark brown leather with a fawn rabbit fur and beading. $250.00grey leather and fur with blue and silver beading $225.00all leather and fringe mukluk with beading on the toe $250.00
black leather and black fur with pink beading $225.00black leather with grey fur, purple beading. $225.00black leather with black fur, blue beading $225.00tall  all leather hunting boot 15
grey leather with grey fur, with crystals beads. $225.00
Tall smooth leather boot with fringe. Stitching detail on the boot$225.00.grey leather and grey fur with silver and blue studding $225.00black leather with white fur and pink and white beading. $250.00black leather and black fur with blue beading12

black with black fur, beaded flower design, $225.00 .
We carry a wide range of products to suit a variety of budgets and tastes. Our most popular products are shown below. Please call or stop by for more information on products, current promotions and custom options.
black with white fur, and white stitching design and silver studding. $200.00 for the short style.
dark grey with grey fur mukluk with silver studding and black stitching design. $225.00 and up
black with grey fur, snowflake design, two toned purple beads.   $225.00
grey and grey fur with black and silver studding design.  $225.00 and up.blue stitching with blue crystal studding on black with grey fur. $225.00 and up.short style mukluk, snowflake design, price starts at $200.00 (9 inch tall )
short pull-on boot with fringe. 9 inches high.$100.00grey leather with grey fur, black stitching design on toe and band. $200.00black leather and black fur with pink beading. regular style $225.00Black leather with black fur with blue beading $225.00Black leather with black fur and purple and white beading. 9Tan leather with blue and yellow beading and fawn rabbit fur $225.00all leather mukluk with green beading on the front of leg and toe. $225.00chocolat brown leather with dark fur and beading-  9all leather mukluk with all white snowflake design 12all leather mukluk with beading on front leg and toe15grey leather with white fur and red and white beading 12Black leather with black fur with pink beading 15tan leather with white fur and all silver studding.12tan leather with fawn fur with silver studding 12black leather with grey fur and purple and white beading12

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