Dianna's Creations - custom-made leather goods and apparel
Maggie handbag. with silver handles and shoulder strap,leather $150.00
Mabel handbag,small red leather, short handle and shoulder strap,$75.00
Medium size bag , made from cowboy boots.grey leather,$125.00
Maggie handbag in burgundy leather, 2 shoulder straps .$150.00
Dandelion handbag, leather,2 straps and shoulders strap.3 zippered pockets,$150.00
small appalossa handbag, faux leather, chain sholder strap.$100.00Beverley handbag, medium size,2 shoulder straps, zippered closure,$150.00
Lisa handbag in cork with top metal closure,shoulder strap,$75.00Metal framed handbag, taperstry , 2 handle straps and shoulder strap.$100.00Small carpet bag, houndstooth with 2 shoulder straps,$100
Carrier Conquest handbag, leather and flower accent,2 shoulder straps,$150.00
Little Lola handbag, leather ,2 shoulder straps, zipper closure,$100.00
Lola handbag, two-tone leather, 2 short straps and ashoulder strap,$125.00
small handbag, 2 sections and front flap ,2 short handles,and shoulder strap,$100.00
Harley handbag in cork ,zippered closure,front pocket ,long cross-body strap,$75.00
Prairie Girl handbag, tapestry, 2 zippered sections, zippered front section,shoulder strap, $150.00Lotus Handbag, tapestry,2 shoulder straps,2 pockets sections and middle zipper,$150.00
2-toned leather bag, 2 pocket sections and zippered middle section, shoulder strap,$150.00Annette handbag, leather & material. 2 handle straps and shoulder strap,$150.00
Harley handbag in tapestry, zipper closure and long cross-body strap.$75.00

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