Dianna's Creations - custom-made leather goods and apparel
medium handbag, red&black leather. 2 front pockets, top zipper, shoulder strap $125.00
large tapestry handbag. 2 shoulder strap. 2 front pockets .$125.00
small grey plaid leather handbag, front pocket, top zipper closure, shouder strap. $100.00
large handbag with front pocket and 2 shoulder straps. $125.00
burgandy leather and tapestry material shoulder straps.  $100.00
small leather handabag,cross-over strap and front twist lock closure. $75.00
leather with studding design on front pocket & small zipper pocket. cross-over strap $50.00.leather cross-over handbag. 3 pockets in front. 9 x 10
small glitter vinyl handbag, cross-over strap with many zipper pockets. $100.00tote style handbag, shoulder straps, zipper top closurer, $100.00yellow leather handbag, short shoulder strap, studding design on the sides, $75.00
small leather & tapestry handbag, 2 section style with cross-over strap.$100.00
medium handbag, 2 shoulder straps and 2 front and side pockets and 1 zipper back pocket.  $100.00
large alligator handbag. with 2 shoulder straps, $125.00
leather with leather design on front flap handbag. shoulder strap, $100.00
leather handbag medium size , 2 pockets on the front & side,shoulder straps $100.00
green patent leather, front pocket, shoulder strap, 3 middle sections,$100.00meduim handbag, red leather, 2 shoulder straps. lots of pockets $125.00
large green handbag, shoulder straps, 2 middle sections with many pockets.$200.00small leather handbag, shoulder strap,front&back pockets. $100.00
leather handbag with silver studding design,side pockets,shoulder straps, $100.00
leather & leather medium handbag. shoulder traps and large front pocket. $100.00

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