Dianna's Creations - custom-made leather goods and apparel
The new swirl design of blue and pink beading $150.00 for child's.
new design for the child's mukluks. hot pink and blue beading. price starts at $150.00
New style of infant mukluks. price starts at $50.00
medium brown  with brown fur, price starts at $75.00.
 beautiful turquiose green ,child's mukluk. price starts @ $75.00 and up
blue with white fur pink beading. starting $75.00dark brown with fur,small flower design. starting @ $75.00black suede leather with cuff/babybooties. $30.00Child's mukluk, black suede with black fur and pink beading .starting $75.00Blue suede leather with cuff. baby booties $30.00
infant mukluk. hot pink and white beading. price starts at $75.00 and up.
purple with fur, purple beading.starting $75.00
pink with white fur,purple&white beading starting 75.00
Baby booties, tan suede with red/brown fur. $35.00Baby booties, rust suede leather with red/brown fur. price $35.00Baby booties, black suede with black fur.$35.00 tan deerskin leather with fawn fur & beading. starting @$75.00 deerskin leather with fur and pink beading.price starting@$75.00Purple leather with  fur and beading. starting @$75.00 grey with grey fur and crystals & blue studs  starting @$75.00.

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